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    • Sediment source fingerprinting : benchmarking recent outputs, remaining challenges and emerging themes 

      Collins, Adrian L.; Blackwell, Martin; Boeckx, Pascal; Chivers, Charlotte-Anne; Emelko, Monica; Evrard, Olivier; Foster, Ian David Leigh Foster; Gellis, Allen; Gholami, Hamid; Granger, Steve; Harris, P.; Horowitz, Arthur J.; Laceby, J. Patrick; Martinez-Carreras, Nuria; Minella, Jean Paolo Gomes; Mol, Lisa; Nosrati, Kazem; Pulley, Simon; Silins, Uldis; Silva, Yuri Jacques Agra Bezerra da; Stone, Micheal; Tiecher, Tales; Upadhayay, Hari Ram; Zhang, Yusheng (2020) [Journal article]
      Purpose:This review of sediment source fingerprinting assesses the current state-of-the-art, remaining challenges and emerging themes. It combines inputs from international scientists either with track records in the ...