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    • The bright blue side of the night sky : Spectroscopic survey of bright and hot (pre-) white dwarfs 

      Reindl, Nicole; Islami, Ramazan; Werner, Klaus; Kepler, Souza Oliveira; Pritzkuleit, Max; Dawson, Harry; Dorsch, Matti; Istrate, Alina G.; Pelisoli, Ingrid Domingos; Geier, Stephan; Uzundag, Murat; Provencal, Judith L.; Justham, Stephen (2023) [Journal article]
      We report on the spectroscopic confirmation of 68 new bright (G = 13.5–17.2 mag) and blue (pre-)white dwarfs (WDs). This finding has allowed us to almost double the number of the hottest (Teff ≥ 60 kK) known WDs brighter ...