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    • Evaluation of dental trauma associated with cycling accidents in a city in the south of Brazil : an observational study 

      Furlan, Vinícius; Reolon, Matheus Luis; Nery, Gabriela Oltramari; Torresan, Thalía Tessaro; Luz, Luciana Batista; Paula, Karen Barea de; Santos, Regis Burmeister dos; Montagner, Francisco (2023) [Journal article]
      Aim:to evaluate the cyclists’ profile and the frequency of dental trauma associated with cycling in a southern city in Brazil. Materials and Methods:a questionnaire was applied to 234 cyclists with at least 18 years old. ...
    • Radioprotection in Dentistry : knowledge and practices 

      Torresan, Thalía Tessaro; Rodrigues, Isandra Caroline; Poletto, Marina Caldas; Bringmann, Deise Renata; Flores, Isadora Luana; Gamba, Thiago de Oliveira (2021) [Journal article]
      The present study aimed to identify the knowledge and attitudes of dental surgeons regarding the guidelines contained in Ordinance SVS/MS No. 453, dated June 1, 1998, in force until the year 2019 and later replaced with ...