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    • Pharmacology and toxicology of diphenyl diselenide in several biological models 

      Rosa, Renato Moreira; Roesler, Rafael; Braga, Antonio Luiz; Saffi, Jenifer; Henriques, João Antonio Pêgas (2007) [Journal article]
      The pharmacology of synthetic organoselenium compounds indicates that they can be used as antioxidants, enzyme inhibitors, neuroprotectors, anti-tumor and anti-infectious agents, and immunomodulators. In this review, we ...
    • Synthesis of alkylseleno-carbohydrates and evaluation of their antioxidant properties 

      Vargas, Jaqueline Pinto; Pinto, Lucimar Marques; Savegnago, Lucielli; Lüdtke, Diogo Seibert (2015) [Journal article]
      In the present study, we describe the synthesis of alkylseleno carbohydrates with different sugar scaffolds and the evaluation of their antioxidant activity profile. A compound possessing a C8 alkyl chain presented the ...