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    • Astroglial S100B secretion is mediated by Ca2+ mobilization from endoplasmic reticulum : a study using forskolin and DMSO as secretagogues 

      Leite, Marina Concli; Galland, Fabiana Andrea Barrera; Guerra, Maria Cristina Azambuja Barea da Silveira; Rodrigues, Letícia; Taday, Jéssica Hauschild; Monteforte, Priscila Totarelli; Hirata, Hanako; Gottfried, Carmem Juracy Silveira; Donato, Rosário; Smaili, Soraya Soubhi; Goncalves, Carlos Alberto Saraiva (2023) [Journal article]
      S100B, a homodimeric Ca2+-binding protein, is produced and secreted by astrocytes, and its extracellular levels have been used as a glial marker in brain damage and neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases; however, its ...