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    • Factors underlying the polarization of early childhood caries within a high-risk population 

      Nunes, Ana Margarida Melo; Silva, Antônio Augusto Moura da; Alves, Cláudia Maria Coelho; Hugo, Fernando Neves; Ribeiro, Cecília Cláudia Costa (2017) [Journal article]
      Background: Early childhood caries (ECC) are particularly prevalent in disadvantaged populations, and socioeconomic factors are associated with the polarization of disease. A previous study showed that even within a ...
    • Genotypic diversity and phenotypic traits of Streptococcus mutans isolates and their relation to severity of early childhood caries 

      Valdez, Remberto Marcelo Argandoña; Duque, Cristiane; Caiaffa, K. S.; Santos, Vanessa Rodrigues; Loesch, Maria Luiza de Aguiar; Colombo, Natália Helena; Arthur, Rodrigo Alex; Negrini, Thais de Cássia; Boriollo, Marcelo Fabiano; Delbem, Alberto Carlos Botazzo (2017) [Journal article]
      Background: Early childhood caries (ECC) is an aggressive condition that can affect teeth of young children. This study aimed to evaluate genotypic diversity and phenotypic traits of S. mutans isolated from dental biofilms ...
    • A longitudinal study of early childhood caries and associated factors in Brazilian children 

      Piva, Fabiane; Pereira, Joanna Tatith; Luz, Patricia Blaya; Hashizume, Lina Naomi; Hugo, Fernando Neves; Araujo, Fernando Borba de (2017) [Journal article]
      Early childhood caries (ECC) affects children all over the world and has high prevalence and severity in preschool children. Different social, biological and behavioral factors compose a network of causal factors for ECC. ...