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    • The 2022 South America report of The Lancet Countdown on health and climate change : trust the science. Now that we know, we must act 

      Hartinger, Stella M.; Yglesias-González, Marisol; Blanco-Villafuert, Luciana; Palmeiro-Silva, Yasna K.; Lescano, Andres G.; Stewart-Ibarra, Anna; Rojas-Rueda, David; Melo, Oscar; Takahashi, Bruno; Buss, Daniel F.; Callaghan, Max; Chesini, Francisco; Flores, Elaine C.; Posse, Carolina Gil; Gouveia, Nelson; Jankin, Slava; Miranda-Chacon, Zaray; Mohajeri, Nahid; Helo, Juliana; Ortiz, Laura; Pantoja, Chrissie; Salas, Maria Fernanda; Cardoso Santiago, Raquel de Andrade; Sergeeva, Milena; Camargo, Tatiana Souza de; Valdés-Velásquez, Armando; Walawender, Maria; Romanello, Marina (2023) [Journal article]
      The health of South American populations is being severely impacted by increasing climate change-driven environmental changes. Exacerbated by increased social inequities and vulnerability, deforestation, land degradation, ...